New SCIE report on database searching

“Systematic searching is a time consuming and costly activity, both in terms of staff time and subscriptions to bibliographic databases. At the same time, the need to find key evidence means that searching should be exhaustive.”

SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) have produced a report: Bibliographic databases for social care searching looking at the overlap of information within the core databases, to enable researchers to make informed decisions about which information resources to check.

ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide

The Association of Business Schools (ABS) has produced it’s latest version of the Academic Journal Quality Guide which is of use both to academic staff and students in undertaking and publishing research. For academic staff, it provides guides to the range, subject matter and relative quality of journals in which business and management academics might publish the results of their research – empirical and theoretical. For students, it provides a good indication of the best scholarly journals for undertaking research in their subject area.