National Trust libraries now online

The records of the National Trust have been loaded on to Copac, the national, academic and specialist library catalogue.  This is the first time that the National Trust’s catalogue has been available to search online.  The National Trust owns 140 historic libraries, containing around 230,000 titles, generally preserved in the places where they were originally assembled and read; some were assembled by literary figures such as Kipling and Shaw.

Dictionary of Irish Biography

Twenty six years in preparation, the recently published Dictionary of Irish Biography (in nine volumes and available online) represents one of the most important publishing events in Irish scholarship in the last fifty years. Contributions from Seven hundred scholars, including many from academics of the University of Ulster, have been brought together to give us a reference work which comprises 9,700 lives from “earliest times” to 2002. Biographies of individuals from the arts, the sciences, the worlds of business, sport and politics appear in the Dictionary. The coverage of Northern Ireland is equally strong. The printed volumes of the DIB will be held in the Reference section in Magee Learning Resource Centre, with the online version being made available for all the University academic community.