Administrative Law (Law145) at Magee (wk 4)

Just to let you know that there is a mistake in the reference in week 4’s required reading.
Stephen Sedley, ‘Public Inquiries: A Cure Or A Disease? ‘(2011) [52] Modern Law Review, pp469-479 (2011)
The year is wrong – it should be 1989 vol 52. The article is in that volume and it available in HeinOnline (amongst other suppliers).

Changes to Social Care Online


Social work students should note the recent  information from SCIE regarding the Social Care Online database.

From March, users of Social Care Online will be asked to Register or login to the site to access all of the following features:

  • search filters in standard search to help refine your search results
  • links to available resources
  • advanced search to let you build complex search queries
  • the saved search function
  • email topic alerts.

Social Care Online will remain free to use, but by registering and logging you will be able to make the best use of the resource. Registering will also help them find out more about how you use the site and plan developments in the future. If you have already registered on the site in the past, you do not need to re-register, just login with your current details.

Intro to Property Law – Law132 (Magee)

Some tricky cases to find on this module:

The Kempston v Butler case and McDowell v Ulster Bank  are available as scans from your reading list.

Week 5 – NIHE v McCann 1978 NIJB is available on LexisLibrary under the citation search 1979 NI 39.

NIHE v Duffin [1985] NIJB 210 is in Lexis Library under citation search 1985 NI 210.

Week 9 – In the matter of the Land Registration Act (NI) 1970 and in the matter of..  is available in LexisLibrary but not by citation search.

The remain cases will be available on LexisLibrary, Westlaw or HeinOnline but please ask for help if you’re stuck

Week 5 Public Law (Magee) case correction V and T v UK

Anyone trying to find the case of  V and T v United Kingdom (2000) 33 EHRR 121 which is part of your week 5 reading probably can’t locate it with the citation provided in your module handbook.

The correct citation is (2000) 30 EHRR 121, and you can find it Westlaw. The original and separate cases of V and T are available via as V. v. The United Kingdom (Application No. 24888/94) and T v. The United Kingdom (Application No. 24724/94.

Starting your law course in September? Try this short quiz….


If you’re starting out on a law course this September and want to see just how much you know about law already (or are a returning student wanting to demonstrate how much you have learned!), why not try this short OUPblog quiz?

And don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers.  Be sure to come along to your law library inductions where the Law Librarians will help you find your way to the very best legal information sources available for you at Ulster.   If they don’t know the answer, they will certainly know where you can go to find it!

For students moving into final year in 2016/17

Once the exams are over (good luck, by the way), you might just want to chill out for the summer, but here’s an idea…

Why not think ahead to your final year dissertation and begin the research process while you have the time? With your degree classification based on final year grades, it could make a tough year a bit easier if you have some preparation already done.

Take a look at the Dissertations tab on the Law Guide. In it you’ll find tips and sources you can use to help decide on a topic, discover what has been published in your area of interest and information on the dissertation research process.

A ‘Getting Started with your Law Dissertation’ class will also be held on Monday 23rd May at 11.15am in MM221 at Magee Library.