ixd303 week 02

This week we are looking at research techniques. First we looked at Needs Driven Design, this is essentially asking yourself, ‘Does this product need to exist?’ if yes, make it as unique as possible and answer user needs to solve goals you have and need t0 satisfy. We then went on to do a quick […]

ixd303 week 01

Our first week is an introduction to the module, deliverables and expectations for the next 12 weeks. Over the upcoming weeks we will be researching as much as possible into the brief and relevant topics. Then after the research phase to start sketching, wireframing to a final outcome of a high quality prototype. The brief […]

ixd304 week 01

Our first week is an introduction to the module, deliverables and expectations for the next 12 weeks. Over the upcoming weeks we will be creating an immersive prototype (week 1-6) then creating a narrative website or publication(week 6-12). Both of these are going to be around the brief – Apollo. The Apollo space program is […]

ixd302 final submission links

CV & Cover Letter cover letter pdf – cover letter cv pdf – CV 2 Images of work below in case files don’t work Hill Street Belfast Project Proposal and Example Invoice Proposal and Invoice Word Document – proposal Figma link to Proposal and Invoice design file – https://www.figma.com/file/2e5HbPfXAzzxthMpX4Dz9H/hill-street-belfast-project-proposal-and-example-invoices?node-id=0%3A1 Proposal Designed Document PDF – hill street […]

ixd302 week 12 Pitch Presentation

Slides  Overall I’m happy with my slides, I think they fit the RSPCA branding and the colours and layout bring a lighter feel to a potentially heavy subject Below are pngs of my slides to showcase in the blog, but for the actual presentation I had the pitch in two formats. PowerPoint and PDF just […]

ixd302 week 11 reflection

Copyright – for content Patent – product Trademark – for a brand Registered – trademark with more rights   Copyright is an automatic right that arises when company or person creates a work This is provided the work is original, not lifted from elsewhere, not plagiarised.   Fair Use There are exemptions to copyright: Scholarly […]

ixd302 week 10 reflection and tasks

user research Surveys; finding out what devices users are using; interviews; secondary research First thing to do is ask yourself if your idea needs to exist, is it viable?   SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Helps you examine the positives and negatives. What do you need to be mindful of? What’s harmful and helpful? […]

ixd302 week 09 reflection

Pitching and Presenting Body language and Eye contact – need to make eye contact with everyone in the room Consider space and seating arrangement Stick to your time limit – disrespectful to next speaker if you run over time. How do you combat this – practise beforehand Use images over text – images help keep […]

ixd302 week 09 project proposal update and reflection

I have the whole document typed up and a basic invoice example typed up in a Word Document. This week I plan to focus on the designing the document up on Figma, with the invoice designed up alongside this. Below is the title page and revision history page designed up. I’m going with the curved […]

ixd302 week 08 reflection

Reminder – blog’s need to be updated To hand in on 11th January Research and supporting material (40%) Body of work (60%) which includes CV (PDF & designed physical copy) Proposal document Slide deck of product pitch Week 12 – product pitch day (this will be assessed). Dragon Den type of session 5 in a […]