ixd103 final submission

Brand Guidelines – ixd103 brand guidelines finished-converted.pdf Portfolio Site – https://leoniesmythixd.github.io/IXD101/ Final work pdf – ixd103 final work-converted.pdf Brand Summary When creating my brand I wanted to come across fun, friendly and professional. I have done this through my monogram and word mark design as well as my set tone of voice and brand values. […]

ixd103 design revisits from week 11 group critique

Brand Guidelines I have reconsidered my colour palette again and simplified it to three colours, and mentioned two tints. I have spaced out the monogram and visual marque onto their own pages. I have added so small ‘Aa’ to the typography page and changed the header text to the navy blue which will be continued […]

ixd103 week 11 group critique reflection

Work I uploaded for the group critique on Miro. Included in the board; monogram wordmark primary type and secondary type visual marque colour consideration business card physical and digital touchpoint portfolio site mock up link to brand guidelines Tutor Feedback consider navy colour for text instead of dark orange (business card) first – orange second […]

ixd103 week 10 reflection and tasks

Semester Recap Week 1: Language Values, tone of voice, bio and stories, strategies Basically, where everything comes from. It starts with communication, and language is the basic form of this. Beginning with words is the best way to begin a brand: everything that the audience will choose if it is relatable.   Week 2: Monograms […]

ixd104 week 12 group critique reflection

What I had shown for critique Notes for Critique – Still a work in progress, need to add more stats, deaths from evacuation, stress factor deaths, possibly so costs of the aftermath.   Tutor Comments ‘Disaster’ could be in a second line. Wave could be used in a top part in the heading, with the […]

ixd104 week 11 one to one tutorial reflection

One to One Tutorial with Paul Below is the icons and illustrations I had ready for tutorial   Below is my infographic to date Tutor Comments pull figures and make them stand out incorporate title into wave play on key statistics maybe consider looking into the costs of the aftermath houses look very Dutch, maybe […]

ixd104 week 10 reflection

Big Data This refers to data so large, fast or complex that it’s impossible to process. Since the early 200s industry analysts considered this: Volume: Organisations collecting data from big resources and cheaper storage solutions have come into play. Data storage is growing at an unprecedented rate and speed. The more people on board with […]

ixd104 week 09 reflection

What I need to do over Easter and upcoming weeks: Finish up master apprentice exercises. Research infographics and specifics Continue research on the Fukushima Disaster. Finalise travel app mock-ups. Update blog Wireframe and sketch. book one to ones

ixd104 week 08 reflection

Designing Infographics Infographics are graphic representations of information, data or knowledge designed to present information quickly and clearly. Telling a story Infographics should leave you feeling informed. All infographics communicate information, and there are two approaches: Explorative Narrative   They communicate something meaningful, something of value, worth telling. If the information is incomplete or untrustworthy, […]