ixd302 week 05 critique reflection and tasks

CV Cover Letter Week 05 CV Critique Keep everything same point size Include visual identity, wordmark at top Rearrange, feels disconnected Include blog, portfolio Cover Letter Critique Text smaller Needs to look same as CV 10pt text size Change line ‘Hiring Manager’ – find out actual person to address Implement grid structure   Critique Reflection […]

ixd302 week 04 reflection and tasks

Week 04 Interview Skills Core Values Never done – Willing to learn (most employers value this) Challenge convention – push the boundaries Impact Together- Be a team player Bring you – Personality (enthusiasm) Be an advocate- user-centred approach What are your values? They should make you employable/be desirable to an employer Prior experience Make any […]

ixd302 week 03 reflection and tasks

Week 03 Studio Etiquette Basic Rules Be pleasant and enthusiastic Be on time Dress appropriately Use headphones for music (at a volume you can still hear people) Keep your own volume down Don’t gossip Keep areas clean (and help out) Don’t bring smelly food in Offer tea/coffee if you drink it Don’t be afraid to […]

ixd302 week 02 reflection and tasks

Week 02 Applying for a Job Note – Join NI Design Chat on Slack What do you need when applying for a job? CV Cover Letter Portfolio CV What is this? A concise, formal document that summarises your education, skills, and experience. It should be easily read and referenced and explain who you are. What […]

ixd302 week 01 reflection and tasks

Week 01 Module Intro Assessment Body of work 60% Research and Prototypes 40% 20 credit point module 200 hours of work – most is independent study Note – Aide Memoire on Blackboard Timeline Week 01- introduction and workshop Week 02- applying for a job Week 03- etiquette Week 04- interview skills Deliverable 01 – CV […]

ixd301 week 06 reflection and tasks

Week 06 Social storytelling, money to made by building up relationships Read – purple cow Seth Godin It all starts with a story. We are all storytellers. You want your story to stick in someone’s memory. Tell the story of you!! Get social- start a conversation Tell the story of you work Using social media […]

ixd301 week 04 reflection and tasks

Week 04 Back to basics Html – written in lowercase Html tags – mostly in pairs Web browsers- this displays the website, the html Basic document setup <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> </body> Html headings <h1> </h> Html paragraph <p> this is a paragraph </p> Html links <a href=https://www.w3schools,com>this is a link</a> Html images <img src=”w3schools.jpeg”alt=”w3schools.com” […]

ixd301 week 03 critique reflection and tasks

Week 03 Portfolio Mock-up Review What we have completed Portfolio research Written content Wireframes (at home, case studies etc) Digital mock-up Note – update blog Leave post it notes on other’s work for some constructive feedback Start – what you start doing? Stop – what should we stop doing? Have you thought about…? High-res Mock-Ups […]

ixd301 week 02 reflection and tasks

Week 02 Content Curation User/Job stories Visual Grammar and Hi-res Mock-ups IP and copyright Rick Munroe from Contrast Security So far you should have: Content audit Site maps Plan content for your site Written content This week – sketching, design of your portfolio Next week – 3 screens of your portfolio (home, case studies, about) […]

ixd301 week 01 reflection and tasks

Week 01 Content design Content audit Site map your site Research and Discovery Preparing for Placement Check job fairs October 12-14 for virtual events. Places to find/hear about placement opportunities Handshake Linkedin Slack Research the size (no. of employees), structure of company (departments/divisions), location/s, news items, awards/quality, etc. Really look at the job descriptions. What […]