ixd302 week 04 reflection and tasks

Week 04 Interview Skills Core Values Never done – Willing to learn (most employers value this) Challenge convention – push the boundaries Impact Together- Be a team player Bring you – Personality (enthusiasm) Be an advocate- user-centred approach What are your values? They should make you employable/be desirable to an employer Prior experience Make any […]

ixd302 week 03 reflection and tasks

Week 03 Studio Etiquette Basic Rules Be pleasant and enthusiastic Be on time Dress appropriately Use headphones for music (at a volume you can still hear people) Keep your own volume down Don’t gossip Keep areas clean (and help out) Don’t bring smelly food in Offer tea/coffee if you drink it Don’t be afraid to […]

ixd302 week 02 reflection and tasks

Week 02 Applying for a Job Note – Join NI Design Chat on Slack What do you need when applying for a job? CV Cover Letter Portfolio CV What is this? A concise, formal document that summarises your education, skills, and experience. It should be easily read and referenced and explain who you are. What […]

ixd302 week 01 reflection and tasks

Week 01 Module Intro Assessment Body of work 60% Research and Prototypes 40% 20 credit point module 200 hours of work – most is independent study Note – Aide Memoire on Blackboard Timeline Week 01- introduction and workshop Week 02- applying for a job Week 03- etiquette Week 04- interview skills Deliverable 01 – CV […]