ixd301 week 06 reflection and tasks

Week 06 Social storytelling, money to made by building up relationships Read – purple cow Seth Godin It all starts with a story. We are all storytellers. You want your story to stick in someone’s memory. Tell the story of you!! Get social- start a conversation Tell the story of you work Using social media […]

ixd301 week 04 reflection and tasks

Week 04 Back to basics Html – written in lowercase Html tags – mostly in pairs Web browsers- this displays the website, the html Basic document setup <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> </body> Html headings <h1> </h> Html paragraph <p> this is a paragraph </p> Html links <a href=https://www.w3schools,com>this is a link</a> Html images <img src=”w3schools.jpeg”alt=”w3schools.com” […]

ixd301 week 03 critique reflection and tasks

Week 03 Portfolio Mock-up Review What we have completed Portfolio research Written content Wireframes (at home, case studies etc) Digital mock-up Note – update blog Leave post it notes on other’s work for some constructive feedback Start – what you start doing? Stop – what should we stop doing? Have you thought about…? High-res Mock-Ups […]

ixd301 week 02 reflection and tasks

Week 02 Content Curation User/Job stories Visual Grammar and Hi-res Mock-ups IP and copyright Rick Munroe from Contrast Security So far you should have: Content audit Site maps Plan content for your site Written content This week – sketching, design of your portfolio Next week – 3 screens of your portfolio (home, case studies, about) […]

ixd301 week 01 reflection and tasks

Week 01 Content design Content audit Site map your site Research and Discovery Preparing for Placement Check job fairs October 12-14 for virtual events. Places to find/hear about placement opportunities Handshake Linkedin Slack Research the size (no. of employees), structure of company (departments/divisions), location/s, news items, awards/quality, etc. Really look at the job descriptions. What […]