ixd304 week 11

This week is one to one tutorials. Also whilst waiting for my tutorial I spend the session trying to fix up small errors on InDesign and try to get the current file to publish as an eBook, which has been a massive struggle with trying to convert without breaking the pages.

Pages shown for tutorial 

Feedback given

Focus mostly on spacing and padding near images and line breaks. Look at an actual newspaper to get the feel for what the layout should be.

This week I mostly spent getting the eBook design finished on InDesign. I had multiple issues to save/convert the InDesign file into an epub. Firstly, I had to fix the boxes that were outside of the pages and get the errors down from 11 to none. I managed to do this but still couldn’t get the file to convert properly without a warning box saying it wouldn’t convert properly. I downloaded an epub reader to open the file in and when opened, it just broke. The file didn’t load right and wasn’t looking the way it was meant to. I then talked to someone who is also doing an eBook and they suggested to publish it online and view it through a link. I did this and it viewed the way it’s meant to. I found this to make do for the critique next week until I find a definite way to convert it into a working epub.


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