ixd304 week 09

This week we looked at designing with data. Looking at different types of charts and how we can create visualisations to display data. Visualisations and charts can give us an opportunity to tell a story, it can allow you to create a narrative around your data. I think the best way for me understand this fully is to look at some examples from different designers.


David McCandless

Writer, designer, and creative director.

Data visualisation on ‘best in show’ showing ‘the ultimate data dog’. I think it’s a good example of showing data that also has details in it that adds a bit more to the overall visualisation.


 Aaron Koblin

Artist, designer, and programmer

Data visualisation on flight patterns, super detailed, the overlapping lines create an art piece too. I think its bold and a very particular type of visualisation that would only work for larger amounts of data.


Mark Belan

Scientific Illustrator

Visualising the Biomass of Life. I found this piece whilst scrolling through Twitter, and I found this data visualisation just to be quite interesting and visually stunning.


Small project update – At the moment I’m working on InDesign to make my eBook. I’m finding it a little more difficult as I’m used to using Figma as my main design software, but it’s useful to have experience in more than one software so I’m sure I’ll be a pro in no time. I currently have my front page done and currently working on the first set of double spreads. So far, I’m liking the look and feel but I think the body text maybe is a little off. I’m going to paly about with it whilst I continue to make the double spreads just to see what I can do with it.

Front Page 

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