ixd304 week 08

This week we had a guest lecture from David Henderson Design. DHD are a branding and digital agency based in Belfast, who work with companies around the world on social strategy, animation and in film. Their styles vary from quirky illustrations to photography. Below are some examples of work I like done by DHD


Below are some bits from the lecture I found most interesting and could possibly relate back to my own project

DHD’s lecture today focused on the psychology of storytelling. Storytelling communicates identity and values. Connecting with people means you are more than likely to convert them. You can connect and convert using the art of storytelling. A good example is the John Lewis Christmas Campaigns. These adverts have really defined their style. The advert of the Penguin and Boy playing together in the house, garden, parks, bedroom, dinner table and around the Christmas tree. They are watching Christmas movies and tobogganing together. The advert doesn’t use words, and the music has no lyrics. The way it is shot takes you on a journey with the boy and his imaginary friend. This advert is all about that journey and connecting with notions of love, family, and friendship. This lets John Lewis win hearts and minds.

Dopamine is released from our body daily when it experiences an emotionally charged event, making it easier to remember with greater accuracy. Storytelling is a method of delivering highly retainable information through immersion allowing us to have an experience without experiencing the journey ourselves. Even when you design a brand identity, part of the process is showing slides talking through the journey of the brand identity and getting the client invested into the project.


I found this week’s guest lecture to be an interesting take on storytelling, as it’ not often I think on the psychology and how it can be used to affect emotions so in return the project is successful. This all something to consider when looking at the small details of my project and how I can convey them to bring the viewer in, whether that’s from my use of colour or how I word certain headlines and paragraphs.

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