ixd304 week 05

Reminder that next week is week 06 critique, have your prototype ready for feedback

This week we looked at the impact of storytelling in different media, particularly looking beyond the screen. You are pretty much trying to create a world for the viewer to get lost in, to success this you need to consider the backstory and how you can amplify and share that. Moving on and looking at Graphic Design in storytelling. The idea is that the little details make the story flow and add character. For example, looking at the works of film prop makers Simon Wild and Annie Atkins, all the props they make form part of the enhancement of the story. If you tale these elements away, the story becomes less immersive. Taking this on board, it’s worth thinking about the small details that could enhance my Apollo project, that would help the viewer engage more.


Pause in speech creates emphasis that can convey emotion, this allows the viewer time to absorb and understand on what is going on. How to use the emphasis of pause in your design, on screen? This could be a pause in your transitions between screens, a pause as your scroll before some new information is being read.


Use of colour and contrast in your project can be very impactful. You can learn a lot about this from film. For example, in the film ‘Schindler’s List’ the film is predominantly in black and white except for the appearance of the young girl’s red coat. With this being the only colour in the film, it stands out immediately, you can’t take your eye of the coat for this reason. This is something to consider in your project as it can be subtle but make a huge difference to how you capture your viewer’s attention.



From this week’s lecture, I think it really has opened my eyes to the different ways I can utilize the small details in my story to create visual details that maybe are small but make an impact on how the user will keep interested in my eBook. Moving on, I need to make some final touches to my prototype. At the point I’m not entirely happy with the concept and feel as if I’m not overly confident with the direction of my project is going. I’m hoping next week’s critique will help put into all of this into prospective for me. At the moment the prototype follows the story of different disasters that happened during Apollo, but I don’t think the layout and design really follows the same story I’m trying to bring across. I recently had an idea of changing it to a newspaper layout, and have it follow through as an article, as during the Apollo Space Program timeline, the newspapers were how people found out what was going on at the time.

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