ixd304 week 06 critique

Below is the prototype ready for this week’s critique.

link to figma file click here


Critique from Kyle and Hal

  • likes the background on the home page, but the type-on-type is very hard to see.
  • Background can be a quieter colour. Hal suggests the title could be made as part of the news, centred so that I’m making my own newspaper.
  • The launch rocket button could look like a proper button: it looks too detached. The size of it could be reduced.
  • Images aren’t evenly aligned, consider putting four images into a grid form, or line them up like exhausts or portholes.

‘Old feel notes’: imagine if each line was like a newspaper layout. Maybe two columns, one with ‘Date/Mission/Crew’, the other with body text. ‘Home’ button feels stretched vertically so try and improve that: some good ideas which need to be fulfilled more.


Critique from Peers


As I’ve mentioned in my week 05 blog post, I had an idea of changing my layout and design to resemble a newspaper, which I think would suit better to how I want to tell the story I’m trying to tell. After today’s critique, I’m going to start developing this idea and hopefully this outcome will be a better fit. So, this week I need to do some quick sketches and wireframes and reconsider my typeface choices from week 02. I know this will take some more time than it would continuing my first concept, but I do think it will be worth it in the end up.

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