ixd301 week 11 reflection and tasks

this week

  • keep working on elements project – screens, branding, prototype
  • work on my digitizing my slides for my end of module presentation


This week is independent study and tutorial sessions. During this, I started my slides for my end of module presentation. As well as working away on my elements project for next week’s critique. I feel like I’m coming along well with my elements project. My prototype is not fully advanced but I feel like it’s enough to get the idea across. I’m very happy with the branding and illustrative content. It all fits with the style and ideas I was going with. I think the brand combines the two different aesthetics of farming and science together. I also created a style guide for my project to help keep me right throughout, but also I think it’s good to have regardless. I need to keep this updated as I progress with the brand.



Slides for end of module presentation

I think the slides are coming on nicely, the colour and layout my personal brand. I have included each step of my process for both projects. I feel like I have showcased my progress and work clearly without too much clutter and enough direction for a hopefully smooth delivery of presentation.






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