ixd301 week 10 reflection and tasks

The Art of the Pitch

A good story should have

  • A beginning
  • A middle
  • An end

Should use both simple and memorable language.

Beginning – give yourself a structure. People like to know where they’re going.

Middle- tell people about your project, ideas, wireframes, process, trials, and errors

End – recap, final outcomes etc.

Plan the narrative – sketch out, start on paper, make content right then design in detail.

Practise makes perfect – know your material and audience, delivery clearly and confidently.

Slide crimes

  • Too much text
  • Too many slides
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Bad or no alignment

Remember– Always have a backup in case original file format doesn’t work or computer on day doesn’t support files

Final Module Presentation – Tuesday 14th December @2.35pm



Useful for going over small details that are easily forgotten about. Will use notes to look back on when preparing my presentation to keep myself right throughout. Moving forward I think I need to really focus on my prototype and branding for my elements project, and to also get ongoing feedback to improve the project before the critique during week 12.


Slide Designs – Sketches 

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