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Rick Munro 

30th September 2021

There are complex design problems which show up. Software needs to be complex, and this is a challenge for a designer.

Complexity is required in certain situations. X-code, for example, is used in all Apple products: the same principles, the same complexity.

NASA – Puppet help laptops in space stations.

Apple – Puppet servers on iCloud.


  • Lots of opportunities locally and further afield.
  • Go to the site. Try to understand the company.
  • Choose the company you want to work for.
  • Locally: Covid-19 app designers.
  • Some internships are very structured.

If you get an interview, go in armed with questions, such as, “What kind of problems does design solve in this organisation?”

The best companies will see placements as investments for them and you.

They should be able to tell you what a year looks like for a placement student.

Try and talk about your process: the brief, the challenges. Two examples can do that. Don’t be afraid to show the roughest of work.

Always show process no matter the project type.

Online meetup worth joining – Monday 18th October https://UXBelfast.org



Even though Puppet aren’t offering placement opportunities, I found Rick’s talk to be very useful for what to expect from placement. It was also useful for knowing what to put into my portfolio and what to show within your process.


 Instil – Gary & Jason

21st October 2021

Treat your career like a game, every level is a different challenge

Don’t be a control freak – work with what you can’t control. And ask, can you do something about it?

Instil has various levels where you focus on different things. Maturing as a designer you focus more on the user. As a senior, you focus more on the customer. Design System Users are not the end user. In management, your focus shifts on to the organisational. You focus will shift and that’s okay.

A huge part of design: articulating what we do becomes crucial to our growth and success.

Creative outlets, Passion Projects

You may get bored with Design, relatively soon.

  • You need creative outlets to keep you busy outside of work.

Digital isn’t the same as agency.

  • Find your people and keep hold of them. (Jason maintains relationships with his tight critique group from his degree years and they continue to provide honest feedback to one another)


This is a paid placement. We’ll split placement time between marketing and product work – some agency experience and project experience: UX flows, UI flows and animation for clients.

Soft skills are crucial in terms of design – you will not get good unless you practise. Research blog can be a helpful pitch where it shows your process


deadline – 12th November

location – Belfast

part in office, part remote



What really sold me with Instil is the placement is split opportunities, you get to go between marketing and product work. This is interesting as it would give the chance to diverse into more than one area, giving me a great learning opportunity.



21st October 2021

Fintru specialises in Know Your Customer, Compliance, Legal, Risk, Control and Operations. They’re based in various offices in North and South of Ireland, in London and opening soon in Portugal

What they offer

  • Fintru combine UX thinking, planning and running user testing.
  • Design and prototype elegant solutions
  • An assigned mentor.
  • A vibrant and supportive environment


The Benefits

  • Payment and treated like an employee
  • Health and Well-being Strategy
  • Performance related rewards (bonus)
  • Training and development
  • Competitive salary
  • 23 days annual leave and 10 bank holidays off
  • Returning to us after placement? Fast track graduate program.

Looking for people who:

  • Have a passion for quality design principles
  • Are proficient in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD (Others in PPT list)


The interviewers want to see a process in your work:

Research -> Analysis -> Design -> Prototype -> Deliver, test and reflect

There will be a wire-framing, test jam sessions

Your portfolio reflects who you are as a designer

  • Examples include screen designs/prototypes
  • Frame problems you were trying to solve (research)
  • Show process in project decision making
  • Ability to talk through the portfolio (sketch books are important)

How to apply for the role?

  • Go to Fintru website, look for link to UX placement
  • Deadline: 5th November
  • Put your application in. You still have time after this to build your portfolio and show it during the selection process. These interviews are 2-3 weeks after, when questions are related to your portfolio.


So far FinTru has been my top pick for placement, as it’s a company I really relate with their goal to advance and design solutions to help their clients meet their needs through their day to day. FinTru are also allowing the choice of either the Belfast or Londonderry location. I personally want to work closer to home so having the option to work in the North West really makes me want to apply to them more.


Global Payments – Stephen Picton (Head of Communications), Jordan (UX Designer), Gemma (current placement student)

28th October 2021

Deadline – 5th November

Global Payments Integrated are a small part of a big company, the planet’s biggest payment processing force. Our focus is on integration solutions like back end, e-commerce, credit card at point-of-sale etc.

Placement Details

Beginning July 2022, 37.5 hours a week, Belfast City Centre, £21,000 PA.

The most important thing in design thinking is how you break things down, show process and understanding of UX Design fundamentals (not so much as portfolio) Brush up on these areas putting yourself into the mind of the user and guiding them.

CV and Portfolio due 5th November

Interview process

  1. 30-40 minutes standard interview and discussion
  2. Design challenge (within constraints)


 I have the same thoughts for Global Payments as I do for FinTru, another great company I relate to as a designer and have the opportunity to work a little closer to home.


Rapid7 – David

28th October 2021

Rapid 7 are a cyber-security company. David shows images of CCTV, smoke alarms, vaccines: all protect us from harm, providing alert in case of risk, or providing prevention. Nuanced differences each.

Being a great UX practitioner means being a good storyteller, design is an art, UX is an art

Rapid 7 are the force behind the people who protect you in security every day: they create the tools protecting society. Rapid 7 wants to make those jobs easier:

  • Vulnerability management (systems) (no gaps)
  • Incident detection (jumping on attacks)
  • Application security (when launching an app, making sure that’s secure)
  • Cloud security
  • Threat protection
  • Automation

Your process

Discovery, design, build, test,

Deadline – 29th October

Apply through handshake/candidate portal


I really like Rapid7’s process, more towards cyber security and UX process, I already applied to both internships before today’s talk, I received word back for the UI/visual design one and have been told my application isn’t going any forward, they are going to pursue other candidates. The other internship UX Design, I haven’t heard back yet.


Little Thunder

4th November 2021

Tim (director) (founder)

Lot of work outside of NI, mainland UK and America

What they do

  • User research
  • Prototyping
  • User experience design
  • Visual design and front-end

Roles – UX, UI, Art Director etc.

User Flows apart of their process

Post support

Ongoing support during development

User acceptance testing

Primarily product design now

Visual identity

Current Projects – ‘EA Creator Network’

Video animation content


little thunder projects

before working with big brands – children’s book ‘chalky and the sports car’

littlesteps – kids’ educational content

app- the alphabet app

song – the animal alphabet on YouTube took off

footi – environmentally conscious. Look at the most environmentally friendly way to produce works


Little Thunder Placement 2022

  • Don’t have a job description. They look at your skills and see if they fit the company
  • Send your online portfolio, showcasing your work – info@littlethunder.co . address it to Tim
  • 100% remote, work from home.
  • Paid placement


Little Thunder is my ideal place to work for. Everything they do ticks all the boxes that I want from placement. Seems like a great environment, the projects they create and pursue are right up my alley. And 100% remote working. I plan to apply for this as soon as my portfolio is in good shape, as they haven’t set a deadline which is helpful.


Fathom – Andrew McCrea – Head Delivery

11th November 2021

UX Design Placement Opportunity

What is Human-Experience Design?

What are people’s situations in the moment?

Fathom prioritises their user’s needs. They are the bride between technology and people

Stakeholder Discovery

Test Categories

Usability Test Reports

Research IS Design

Double diamond solution

Discover – define – develop – deliver

Process – delivery/design

Research – insight – context – deliver

Placement Opportunity

  • 1 year placement beginning after 2nd year
  • Opportunity for it to be extended
  • Part of the Fathom/l&b multidisciplinary teams to work and learn from others

What you will be doing?

  • Research and discovery
  • Wireframing/UI (design)

Someone who

  • Has an eye for research
  • Invest in secondary research
  • Has a focus on user needs/interaction
  • Self-manage time and work
  • Communicate well
  • Self-starter
  • Problem solver

What’s next?

Send an email atandrew@fathom.pro

  • Tell a bit about yourself and what might have appealed to you about us
  • Tell about your ambition in UX
  • Attach or include a link to your CV and portfolio and everything else you feel is relevant

Location – Belfast

50/50 office and remote. Send CV in next few weeks



David Henderson Design

18th November 2021

Remote – one day a week to meet together

They work in

  • Web design
  • Logos
  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Film & photography
  • Social strategy

Really into going to conferences


Who are they looking for?

  • Hardworking
  • Respect others
  • Genuine
  • Diligent
  • Sense of humour
  • Motivated
  • Organised

They value attitude over skills

You could be doing anything, not just UX/UI. You can dabble in other areas. Flexibility freedom to develop new and/or existing skills

Apply between now and Christmas





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