ixd302 week 06 reflection and tasks

Week 06


Request for Proposal

By now your research should have given you an understanding of the benefits to writing a UX Proposal before undertaking work to manage expectations and provide some legal protection. While you may not be involved in the writing of them for any company you work for, they will be a very effective tool while undertaking freelance work.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will be introduced to some of the basic practices of a professional designer. Each of these will assist you in the writing, design, and production of your own proposal document.

The job in question is the design of a website and brand to represent Hill Street in Belfast


This is an entirely new website so there is no existing design in place. However, there will be similar websites for other areas of Belfast, including the Cathedral Quarter and Titanic Quarter.

Consider history and heritage, businesses, tourism, culture, and community when determining appropriate features and priorities for the website.

This will have to include timeline and pricing for the job (which will be discussed in class).


  • A designed PDF or webpage project proposal to be submitted in week 09 along with an example invoice

What is included in a proposal?

Title page

  1. Project Overview (what needs done and experience)
  2. Project Approach (how it’s going to be done)
  3. Scope of work (who is involved)
  4. Assumptions (what you need)
  5. Deliverables (what you’ll produce)
  6. Ownerships and Rights (work for hire/licensing)
  7. Additional Costs/Fees (Expenses)
  8. Pricing and Payment Schedule (your quote)
  9. Acknowledgement and Sign Off (agreement to start)

Designers charge for time. Know your value.

Shield yourself by having someone to handle costs and accounts that you can defer to.

Get a budget or ballpark upfront. It will help you determine time available and scope of the project.

Research Blog Guide

Week 01- research the industry & companies you admire or aspire to work for

Week 02- CVs

Week 03- office etiquette and professionalism

Week 04- interviews, potential questions and preparing answers

Week 05- proposal reading (multiple sources)

Week 06- salaries, pricing and invoicing – Start Brief Research


I think this week I need to research more into the brief as during the lecture I was slightly confused on it. I think this deliverable is going to be interesting and challenging. There is so much that goes into a proposal than just writing about the project itself. I think this deliverable will be good practise as this will be something I will eventually have to do when in the world on work.

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