ixd302 week 05 critique reflection and tasks


Cover Letter

Week 05

CV Critique

  • Keep everything same point size
  • Include visual identity, wordmark at top
  • Rearrange, feels disconnected
  • Include blog, portfolio

Cover Letter Critique

  • Text smaller
  • Needs to look same as CV
  • 10pt text size
  • Change line ‘Hiring Manager’ – find out actual person to address
  • Implement grid structure


Critique Reflection

There was a lot of good points raised in my critique that I will definitely take onboard. I think a lot of it was small details that I disregarded completely. Moving forward I’m going to reconsider my whole layout as Daniel showed me a more legible and readable layout that would work a lot better. I need to remember to add in my portfolio link and add in my references as these are two areas I hadn’t included. As for my cover letter, just some small text issues and to address the cover letter to an actual person.



Task for Next Week

A project Guide to UX Design – Chapter 3: Proposals for Consultants and Freelancers.

Read this in preparation for next week’s class/tasks.


Chapter Write up (pages 50-66)

From reading this chapter, I now realise how much goes into a project proposal. You have to prepare statements of work, payment schedules, deal with copyright, figure out additional costs and fees etc. A lot of stuff I never knew would matter but definitely make a huge difference within your project. I think I was completely oblivious to different types of legal matters that is not just copyright infringement and plagiarism. This has definitely given me a new perspective on everything that goes into a project proposal.

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