ixd301 week 06 reflection and tasks

Week 06

Social storytelling, money to made by building up relationships

Read – purple cow Seth Godin

It all starts with a story. We are all storytellers. You want your story to stick in someone’s memory. Tell the story of you!!

Get social- start a conversation

Tell the story of you work

Using social media effectively

  • Selling
  • Adding value
  • Building audiences
  • Positioning
  • Networking

Belfast design week

UX ladies at Belfast

UX design at Belfast

Word of mouth, visual is super important

Don’t be afraid to talk about your work, confidence is key for this

Follow people in the industry

  • Jeffrey Zeldman
  • Dan Mall
  • Brad Frost
  • John Grulber
  • Rogie King
  • Tim Van Damme
  • Ethan Marcotte
  • Elliot Jay Stocks
  • Trent Waltons

Think about timing – 7/8 at night, when audience is going to be active

Design Instagram and Twitter Profile

  • Brendan Dawes
  • Little Thunder
  • Jessica Hische
  • David Henderson Design
  • IDEO
  • Nick Slater
  • Nielson Group (Jakob Nielson)

Don’t forget about blogging – campuspress, medium

Tying it together – Three-Pronged Strategy

  • Social
  • Gathering
  • Story


Found this useful on how to connect and network. Never too sure who to follow or who to connect with. I plan to follow the above and start to be more active on twitter and Instagram, won’t do nay harm in commenting on a few posts or sharing work.


Task this week

Create an Instagram post and stories of your work (in one post) You can do this even if you’re not on Instagram.

Your portfolio might be a good place to start. Create a post and series of stories around that.

Stories allow you to break posts down to a granular level.

  1. Create a showcase: this might be your CV or design project. e.g., Anagram Studio do a real nice job of this.
  2. Reflection: showing your process. e.g., of an artist showing what she’s doing; the pictures around the pictures. Instagram it like a case study through series of stories.
  3. Reel: You could record a screencast of you working in Figma. You show you working, publishing a snippet of this.
  4. Case Study: Follow graphic designer Annie Atkins, who’s worked on movies like ‘Grand Hotel Budapest’. People can see your drive.

Creating a Instagram Story

I made quick templates/layouts on Figma, as I know when adding images to a story they can be hard to place in and layer


Uploading and adding text

I wanted to keep it fun but still showcase my work. I kept the wording simple and added in a few gifs and emojis to keep it fun and engaging.

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