ixd103 week 11 group critique reflection

Work I uploaded for the group critique on Miro.

Included in the board;

  • monogram
  • wordmark
  • primary type and secondary type
  • visual marque
  • colour consideration
  • business card
  • physical and digital touchpoint
  • portfolio site mock up
  • link to brand guidelines

Tutor Feedback

  • consider navy colour for text instead of dark orange (business card)
  • first – orange second – light blue third – navy
  • rule for brand guideline colours – 3
  • business card – three exclamation points is too much
  • revisit brand guidelines
  • spread content out more (guidelines)
  • revisit site design and wireframes


Peer Feedback



The critique went okay, I mostly agree with what was suggested. Moving forward I am going to look over my colour palette for text again and simplify the whole thing. This critique has really helped me see where I was going well and where I was going wrong. Mostly need to look over my business and brand guidelines, so this will be my most focused bits of work this week.


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