ixd104 week 10 reflection

Big Data

This refers to data so large, fast or complex that it’s impossible to process. Since the early 200s industry analysts considered this:

Volume: Organisations collecting data from big resources and cheaper storage solutions have come into play. Data storage is growing at an unprecedented rate and speed. The more people on board with social media the more storage becomes a problem. We have to resolve and limit the data we have, and manage that data.

Combining big data with high powered analytics: For example, Tesco discounts are based on buying habits. Algorithms picking up on what you’re bought previously and what you might like to buy in the future. 80% of what we watch on Netflix and our recommendations come from big data analytics. This presents the issue of falling into a filter bubble.


Jer Thorp

Thorp is an artist/writer/teacher in New York City. Best known for algorithm in 911 Memorial. In 2017, innovator in residence at Library of Congress. Leading voice in ethical use of big data.

Thorp’s Herald/Harbinger looks at Canadian Rockies glacier and the Bow Lake River passing through Calgary on the way to Hudson Bay, linking the ice to the city. From a solar powered observatory with satellite link up Thorp has the studies of seismic patterns and glacier movements and illustrates them through light as the glacier moves towards Bow Lake.

Aaron Koblin

Started an augmented reality company, Within. Created a data arts team at Google 2008-2015. Lots of awards for science visualisation, an Emmy, and two music video collaborations have been Grammy nominated. I really like his work on flight patterns, super detailed and the overlapping lines created such a bold data visualisation



I found this week’s lecture quite useful as it opened my research up to more designers. Researching designers will always help improve and better my work. I also this week’s content to help me see how a lot of infographics are laid out, as at the moment that’s my biggest struggle, is trying to lay out my content properly and in a consistent flowing manner. This week I plan to start digitizing my illustrations and icons, I need to work on making bar charts/graphs for my infographic as well.





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