IXD101-Human-Centred Design/Github101/Markdown Exercise

What is Human-centred Design?

It is a problem solving that involves the human perspective.

Focus upon the people

  • Who will be using the product. In what context (time, place, device etc) will it most likely happen.

Find the Right Problem

  • The better you conduct research, yhe more time and energy you save down the road.
  • Define your audience.
  • Desktop research
  • Interview / focus groups

Think of everything as a system

  • Users should have good user experience at all touchpoints, both digital and physical.

Always validate your design decisions

  • Iterate , Iterate, Iterate!


What is a Touchpoint?

Touchpoint (also contact point, point of contact) is defined as any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions.


What is User Experience Design?

  • Design for your users, not yourself
  • feedback
  • digestibility
  • clarity
  • familiarity


Github Introduction

What is Git?

Git is version control software, which means it manages changes to a project without overwriting any part of that project.

Why would I need it?

  • Makes it easy to roll back to previous version (undo errors)
  • Makes it easy to share code with other people without creating conflicts
  • Makes it easy to deploy changes from multiple sources
  • Backs up your work to the cloud

What is Github?

It’s a Git repository hosting service, like a social network for coders, you can share work, have others contribute and collaborate on projects, whilst safely stored in the cloud.

Some Lingo







Markdown Exercise

First time doing any form of code. It didn’t look exactly like the given image but I think for a first attempt, I did a good job at it.


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