IXD101- Project 02- 100 Iterations

Project 02 is focused around the three design elements Point, Line and Plane. We were put into groups of four and in our groups to choose either Point, Line and Plane and collect 100 images through creating a Pinterest Board. Before my group created our joint Pinterest Board we decided on a theme to keep the visuals consistent. We decided on Nature and Architecture , which we knew would create an interesting contrast with the research. Below is all of the imagery we collected onto the board, as seen we stuck the theme but had a few different topic images to break up the board slightly. When collecting imagery I found that I leaned more towards the architecture part as the structure and form interested me more than looking more into nature. With this being said I still included plenty of nature themed images into the board.

Individual Pinterest Board

Alongside the group board, I created an individual board to place images into that I found I liked the most to help narrow down the images when it came to choosing my final nine. I tried to incorporate both nature and architecture equally when selecting my images to have a better variety with my research. I mostly likes the more close up shots. So for example there is quite a few close ups of the lines in leaves and trees, as well as some very interesting close ups of scaffolding and lights bouncing onto the structures to create lines etc. In the board I have included my own photograph that I took of train tracks that I thought would make a good addition to my research. For choosing my nine images I am going to focus mostly on architecture but also include a couple of the nature images to keep that contrast.

Nine Images

Below are the nine images I choose to present on my Instagram. As mentioned above, I focused more on architecture, seven of the images being architecture based. In the caption I explained the project and the images briefly. I also included a lift of the Pinterest resources, do anyone can see where these images came from on Pinterest. From collecting images as a group and narrowing them down to a final set of nine, I want my 9 design grid following the architecture theme. For the final part of this project I am going to design a narrative to present as a 3×3 grid to then present onto a Instagram post.

Nine Designs

For my narrative I had an idea of telling the story of how a line can become a house, this idea came from blueprints, so when I was thinking of architecture I immediately thought of this. I then thought of how Point, Line and Plane are the ‘blueprints’ of design, I really liked this small connection and ran with it. In Figma a created nine Instagram post frames. I then began designing my narrative.

Design One – A simple white line of a ‘blueprint’ blue background. This is the beginning of the narrative.

Design Two – Showing how this line can be a little more with different weights.

Design Three – The lines now becomes a grid showing how a grid can accommodate shapes.

Design Four- Now the grid becomes a blueprint , showcasing a basic design for a house floor plan.

Design Five- The blueprints get a pass and now becomes scaffolding , one of the early structures.

Design Six- The scaffolding now becomes the ceiling beams, another important part of structure and keeping up a roof.

Design Seven- Now all the structures are down the line grows up and becomes the windows and the doors.

Design Eight- The fun part and the easier parts of this process, The line is in his last stops of his journey and becomes the paint, the line likes blue,  this element finishes the house into a home.

Design Nine – The line is now at the end of it’s journey, it’s finally became the house.

Below is the nine designs in the 3×3 grid showing the narrative. As well as the Instagram post with the nine designs in it. In the caption I explained the idea behind my narrative and outlined each step of the lines journey.


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