IXD101 – Project One – Manifesto

Miro Mindmaps – 1. Non Project Specific 2.Project Specific

What are manifestos?

A manifesto is a written statement declaring the intentions, motives or views of the issuer.

What is a Motto? 

A short phrase that voices the ideals, or beliefs of someone or a group of people.


‘Keep your eyes on the prize’

‘Everyday is a second chance’

‘It’s a bad day, not a bad life’

What is a Mantra?

A word or phrase that is spoken out loud or repeated continuously. (Spiritual meaning belief)

Personal mantra – Affirmation to motivate and aspire you to be your best self.


‘Freedom is my purpose’

‘All is well’

Mood boards

Below are some mood boards screenshotted from my Pinterest. Showing some Manifestos, Mottos and Mantras that I find inspirational and/or nice to look at.

The Surrealist Movement 

Surrealism is “to seek to explore the unconscious mind as a way of creating art, resulting in dreamlike, sometimes bizarre imagery across endless mediums.”

‘Le Visage de la Guerre’, Salvador Dali  (1940)

‘Exquisite Corpse’, Andre Breton (1930)


The Surrealist Manifesto

Written in 1924 by original member and leader Andre Breton. The Surrealist Manifesto identifies the whole surrealist idea as a movement with an agenda, rather than just an art style.

Extracts from the 1924 manifesto

” Let us not mince words: the marvellous is always beautiful. Anything marvellous is beautiful, in fact only the marvellous is beautiful.”

~ Andre Breton, 1924

Dadaists Movement

Dadaism “To prove that anything could be art if the artist declared it to be. This was to prove that if everything could be art, ten nothing could be art.”

‘Fountain’, Marcel Duchamp (1917)

‘The Art Critic’, Raoul Hausmann (1919-20)


Dadaists Manifesto

Often been regarded as one of the founding documents of the Dada movement.

This manifesto is not a singular writing, the best known writings being by Hugo Ball (1916) and Tristan Tzara (1918)

Both manifestos are explanations of the Dada movement and its goals. Hugo Ball’s manifesto from 1916 is considered a prototypic manifest of Dada

Tzara’s Dada manifesto states “Dada remains within the framework of European weakness, it’s still shit, but from now on we want shit in different colours so as to adorn the zoo of art with all the flags of all the consulates.” ( He denounces war, humanity and art)

Dada manifestos in general were polemical texts that attacked reason, rotational precepts, the principle of contradiction, and were often incendiary in tone.

(The Dada movement was born out of a reaction against rationalism and nationalism. The movement was far from coherent , produced highly political and irreverent works influenced by Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism.

De Stijl Movement

De Stijl “An art movement advocating pure abstraction and simplicity, form reduced to the rectangle and other geometric shapes, and colour to the primary colours, along with black and white.”

‘Compositie VIII’, Theo Van Doesburg (1918)

‘Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow (1930)

De Stijl Manifesto – ( De Stijl means ‘the style’ in Dutch)

De Stijl was a circle of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on a strict geometry of horizontals and verticals. Founded in 1917 by Piet Mondrian and Theo Doesburg.

(Piet Mondrian – composition with red, Blue and Yellow . Composition A)

Dedicated to a synthesis of art, design and architecture.

Extracts from the De Stijl Manifesto

“The war is destroying the old world and its contents: individual domination in every state!”

“The new consciousness is prepared to realise the internal life as well as the external life”

Wassily Kandinksy – Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1912)

Informed by his belief in painting as an expression of the artists’ inner life. Any given combination of colour and form will cause a particular ‘inner resonance’ in the viewer.

“Match circle, square, triangle with red, yellow and blue.” (universal correspondence)

“The mutual influence of form and colour now becomes clear, A yellow triangle, a blue circle, a green square, or a green triangle, a yellow circle, a blue square – all these are different and have different spiritual values.”

~ Wassily Kandinsky, 1912

‘Lake’, Wassily Kandinsky (1910)

‘Non-Objective’, Wassily Kandinsky (1910)

Design Sketches

Contrasting ‘bold’ and ‘colourful’ to ‘elegant’ and simple jointup text

Key Words on Paper – Promarker and Sharpie

Handwritten and cut out to odd shapes to try to give a tippexed out then written on top type of effect once edited in

Final Design Process

I ended up not using the handwritten key words as it didn’t look as crisp as the other text and would have brought the standard of the piece down.

Type Font – 1.Segoe Script 2.Bombtrack Demo

Effects – 1.Render – Clouds, Difference Clouds 2.Stylize- Emboss 3.Gaussian Blur

Final Design

One to One Tutorial with Paul – Manifesto Feedback (29/09/2020)


  • Rewording – Start instead of Beginning
  • Look at other sources of typography for inspiration
  • Jessica Hische
  • TypeWolf
  • Veerle Duoh
  • Experiment with more styles , play with fonts



From looking at this page I found it quite usual to see how others have laid out certain typefaces in the same format as my manifesto. This being a great help in different layout patterns for my design. I leaned more towards the bold type and as seen in the last screenshot the use of different font sizes for key words which is a element I could take into my design.

Veerle Duoh

I like the geometric bold aspect of Duoh’s work and how this could be effective in my final design. I could even try the geometric patterns in the letters of my manifesto like Duoh does is their work.


Jessica Hische

Very graphic but elegant with her calligraphy element to her work. I really liked the work seen below of Hische’s. I like the simple line drawings that flowed through the letters, making them connect together. From looking at Hische’s work I could incorperate simple hand drawn line work into my design instead of my design being purely digital and photoshop.



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