IXD103 Week 6: Lecture Reflection


Before getting into the lecture content we uploaded our Pizzeria Branding Tasks to padlet for critique. There wasn’t enough time to get to mine but it was really cool to see what everyone else had come up with. Here is a link to my blog post on the task: http://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/laurabfoy/2021/03/01/ixd103-week5-pizzeria-branding-task/

After that we went into the lecture content which was all about brand application. We looked at all the different areas we can apply our brands to like business cards, stationary, social media, portfolio websites, apparel, studios, packaging etc. I found it interesting to look at all these different applications and how they can help build and put your brand out there. I also found it interesting to look at the different things you can consider when making a business card for example the type of card you want to print them on.


This lecture was quite short as we had a Building a Professional Identity Workshop in the afternoon, but before that we were given the task of designing a business card.


I got a good bit done on mine that day but I still had more to do so I continued working on it during the week. Here is a link to my blog post on it: http://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/laurabfoy/2021/03/20/ixd103-business-card-development/

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