Ixd103 Week4: Sketching Tasks


During Monday’s lecture time we were given 2 tasks .

Task 1

The first was to sketch listed objects using the drawing techniques we had looked at in the lecture. The objects listed were an iPad, laptop, camera, sketchbook, pencil, browser, usb stick, paper, television and a radio.

Here is what I did:


Task 2

This next task was to take the 5 values I came up with for my brand in week 1 and explore a range of ways to present them visually. Here’s what I came up with:


I think this was quite a helpful exercise as it got me more comfortable at making quick simple sketches that I can draw when working in my sketchbook as well as note taking. I discovered how easy is to just draw as a means of conveying something. As well as that I realised how much quicker I can recognise and process visual information than pieces text. Trying to present my values visually also gave some ideas and got me thinking about what I could do for my visual marque.


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