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IXD303 – Prototyping

The final step in my project this semester is prototyping. I got used to using Figma as a prototyping app in the last semester, so I was pretty confident when starting this part of the process. One of the things I wasn’t too sure on how to do was horizontal scrolling. There is a section…Continue Reading IXD303 – Prototyping

IXD303 – Week Twelve: Critique

This week’s class was our last class before Easter, and for the semester, so we had a group critique on our products as their are close to being finished. I really appreciated this class, as it gave me one last opportunity to receive feedback and an outside input into what’s good and what’s not good…Continue Reading IXD303 – Week Twelve: Critique

IXD303 – Updating My Brand

Today’s critique class allowed me to look at my own work in a new light, through a new pair of eyes. I don’t know if I really like the direction my app is taking. I was really excited about using an interesting and unique colour scheme, but I really don’t think it works well with…Continue Reading IXD303 – Updating My Brand

IXD303 – User Personas

In order to get a better understand  the needs, goals and behaviours of my target audience – those suffering from IBS – I am going to create a set of fictional characters that will represent these sectors. These will be my user personas. Before beginning, I need to think about all the things I want…Continue Reading IXD303 – User Personas