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IXD103 – Monogram Inspiration

There are a few specific monograms used in branding that I want to take a deeper look at, because I really like them and they are so effective. Playstation The original Playstation logo is widely recognised worldwide, due to its simplicity and use of shape and colour to define itself. It is an incredibly clever…Continue Reading IXD103 – Monogram Inspiration

IXD103 – About Me

During Monday’s class, we were tasked with writing two versions of an About Me bio. The first was to be posted on a separate page on our blog, which I have linked here. It went into a deeper amount of detail than the second bio, which was a short and snappy summary of ourselves, which…Continue Reading IXD103 – About Me

IXD103 – Recommendation Task

Paragraph An album you need to hear – this tells the incredibly emotive story through 80’s inspired retro synth with a modern twist. I would describe this music as pure bliss and magic. It transcends time and nostalgia, and is an enchanting mix of youth, love, innocence and heartbreak.  Four Words Retro, Synth, Nostalgia, Magic…Continue Reading IXD103 – Recommendation Task