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IXD103 – Pocket Profile: Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown is an American author in Austin, Texas known for her marketing of doodling. She is the founder Sunni Brown Ink, a visual thinking consultancy. She’s known for her large-scale live content visualisations, and she is also the leader of the Doodle Revolution – a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. Using common…Continue Reading IXD103 – Pocket Profile: Sunni Brown

IXD103 – One Week Branding Project

Research on Existing Brands Little Wing (Local) Little Wing is a Pizza restaurant chain based in Northern Ireland. They are well-known for their fast-served high-quality pizzas. The restaurant is particularly popular with young people, with their customers ranging from students to school kids, couples and families. Students also can take advantage of the 20% student…Continue Reading IXD103 – One Week Branding Project

IXD103 – Digitising Monogram

In Monday’s class, we were tasked with digitising our monograms. Thinking back to last week, Daniel suggested that I develop my most recent monogram idea further, as it was the strongest out of all of them. I agreed, as I really like this design and feel that it captures my own personal branding style well….Continue Reading IXD103 – Digitising Monogram

IXD103 – Word Play

For this task, we were asked to create a series of word plays, where the meaning of the word is conveyed visually using typography (using only the Helvetica font). Here are the designs that I managed to come up with:       …Continue Reading IXD103 – Word Play

IXD103 – Typography

Daniel took a look at our monograms at the beginning of class, and I was able to receive some feedback on my initial sketches. He advised that I try to maintain a consistent style within my designs, and think about what I want my monogram to convey – and what language it should be putting…Continue Reading IXD103 – Typography