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IXD101 – Web Typography

This week in Monday’s class, we took a look at web typography. Universal Typography Tim Brown spoke about Universal Typography. He shared how to practice typography in a way that is equally as universal as the web. He focuses on traditional typographic principles, while also embracing progressive enhancement. He goes on to explain how fonts,…Continue Reading IXD101 – Web Typography

IXD101 – Introduction to CSS

This week we began to take a look at CSS, the styling and designing of markup content and HTML pages. CSS can be used to define colours, fonts and other aspects of a document, and can be used to position elements and control layouts. Up until this point, we have been using the default stylesheets…Continue Reading IXD101 – Introduction to CSS

IXD101 – Markdown Exercise

Our task this week to use Markdown to match a body of text as close to this image as possible: I downloaded the markdown file, imported it to my text editing software of choice, Visual Studio Code. I then went through the text, adding correct commands where I thought certain elements should be, such as…Continue Reading IXD101 – Markdown Exercise

IXD101 – Human-Centred Design

This week, we looked into Human-Centred/UX Design. User Experience Design consists of designing to meet the needs of the user, or whatever target audience that the product is being made for, such as children, teenagers, young adults or older generations. It is important, in UX Design, to approach a design with these key elements in…Continue Reading IXD101 – Human-Centred Design

IXD101 – Follow the Rhythm

As our third project, we must take the influence of one of our favourite songs, and present it in a way that is appropriately relevant to the artist/lyrics. The brief tells us to consider the pacing and rhythm of the song, and consider if some words or lyrics are more meaningful than others, and how…Continue Reading IXD101 – Follow the Rhythm