IXD303 – Ideation & Branding

To begin the development of my project this semester, I firstly need to turn to my list of ideas created based around healthcare, and all the subject areas that I can consider basing my product around. There are a few subject matters I like in this list, such as: healthcare for animals mental healthcare applications…Continue Reading IXD303 – Ideation & Branding

IXD304 – Space Moodboard

Kyle asked us to create a moodboard for our Apollo project, by compiling images relating to our ideas and design influences. Because I’m steering in the direction of a retro-inspired design, to fit with the late 60’s-early70’s feeling, I want to incorporate that into my research. I decided to create a Pinterest board to gather…Continue Reading IXD304 – Space Moodboard

IXD301 – Final Submission

The following are links to my work: Portfolio – https://jessicadonnan.webflow.io/ Elements – https://www.figma.com/proto/hvIKlfDiHwzGUmSc2mN2V5/Cosmos?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=15%3A327&viewport=241%2C48%2C0.5&scaling=scale-down&starting-point-node-id=15%3A327&show-proto-sidebar=1   Blog tag for this module: IXD3o1…Continue Reading IXD301 – Final Submission

IXD301 – Elements: Refinements & Final Product

After my presentation last week, I was able to take the feedback I had received from Kyle and make some changes and refinements to my Elements app: Cut down the information on each element’s information page, and split the information into sub-headed paragraphs. Made each element slightly bigger when hovered over on the exploration page,…Continue Reading IXD301 – Elements: Refinements & Final Product