IXD303 – New Logo & Colour Scheme

In accordance to my last critique, I will be re-designing both my logo and my colour scheme.

Development of New Logo

I want to create something that stands out more, and can be linked back to the app. I really liked some of the logos that people had designed in class, where people had made little icons and people that illustrated what their app was really about. I think I would like mine to be something similar, with a faceless person that showcases and symbolises what the app is. Maybe their stomach is highlighted in some way, or lettering over their stomach to emphasise their core.

I produced a few sketches for the new logo.

I then moved onto Figma to develop these sketch designs.

Here is the final result:

Development of New Colour Scheme

In order to gain some inspiration for a new colour scheme, I turned to looking at outside sources. I gathered a few reference images for inspiration:

I want to go for the same muted vibe that I went for for my previous colour scheme, but I want to use maybe some purples and blues instead of green and orange.

Here is the final result I managed to come up with it:

I love this new colour scheme. I can use the pale cream colour for backgrounds, and the darker colours for accents and text.



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