IXD303 – Updating My Brand

Today’s critique class allowed me to look at my own work in a new light, through a new pair of eyes. I don’t know if I really like the direction my app is taking. I was really excited about using an interesting and unique colour scheme, but I really don’t think it works well with the app’s content. I think I should change it to something more serious and easy to look at.

I received mostly positive feedback for my work, but I still feel as though the designs just aren’t what I have in mind for the app anymore, and after seeing how lovely everyone else’s designs were today, I think I could definitely do better.

Before I begin updating my brand through designing, I want to firstly look into some visual inspiration. Pinterest has always been a great help for me to quickly develop a new set of ideas, so I will turn to it this time.

I created a board tailored towards my new branding ideas, which can be foundĀ here.


There are a few things about my brand that I currently want to change, or completely redo.

  • The logo – I think it’s too plain and simple, and Paul said it looked a bit strange, which I can’t really shake because I see that it is strange now. I think I just need to try something different. I have a few ideas in mind, which I will begin sketching out and then moving to Figma.
  • The colour scheme – another critique that I received was that my colours scheme might be misinterpreted as something political, which again I didn’t even consider. While I got positive feedback about my colour scheme, I do want to change it just to avoid any controversy.

Overall, the content itself is completely fine, and I should be keeping most of what I already have. It’s just the visual parts of things that I need to change. I should start working on this immediately.


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