IXD304 – Research: Vogue Magazines

During Kyle’s lecture today, he spoke about using physical resources such as magazines and newspapers as inspiration for our work, and how Vogue uses such a great layout that would be interesting to see on screen. I decided to look into this further, and investigate both what Vogue magazines looked like in July 1969, and in 2022, as a source of inspiration for the development of my own work.

July, 1969

July, 1969 was the date of the launch of Apollo 11, so I wanted to look back to see what Vogue looked like at the time of the launch.

Immediately, there was a big difference between the 60’s magazine and the most recent magazines that I have seen. The biggest difference that I could see was that there was so much more information in the past.

February, 2022

I have always really admired Vogue’s use of imagery and negative space, and how it uses bold texts to contrast against big blocks of text on almost every page of its magazine. One of the most obvious properties about Vogue’s magazine that has stayed consistent throughout time,

It’s really interesting to see how far we’ve come in terms of design, and how we go through different trends and world events that influence these design changes. In 1969, the biggest world event was the Apollo 11 launch, and this had a big impact on advertisement and marketing.

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