IXD303 – Week Seven: Group Critique

For today’s class, we were asked to create a PDF slide deck on our health app project so far. In this slide deck, we had to include our:

  • brand name
  • logo
  • user personas
  • brand guidelines
  • initial wireframes
  • three screens demonstrating final design

The following is the link to my presentation:


During today’s class, we went through everyone’s slide deck and did a group critique of everyone’s work so far. It was really great to see how far everyone’s projects have come, and to see the variation of ideas coming from everyone.

Here is the critique that I received on my work:

I’ve also written out some of the comments that Paul gave about my work:

  • he said the colour scheme might be taken as a little bit political (which I hadn’t even noticed as I was making it), but that it was very nice and relaxing
  • he also said I might want to clean up the logo a bit as it looked a little wonky
  • he liked the concept a lot, as it is something a lot of people could benefit from, as not a lot of people generally talk about their IBS and yet it can be a very painful illness
  • change the two bars icon to three bars, as generally there are three bars

Here are some of the things people wrote about my work on the miro board:

  • love the idea, branding is really strong
  • really like the brand and your colours work really well together, really like your screens
  • really like the logo and colour scheme
  • love the colour scheme, the orange really pops
  • really like the font
  • love the colours, so cute
  • love the brand
  • idea is amazing
  • typography choice is perfect, really blends with the colours well
  • such a beautifully laid out app design, the colours work really well, love the little hamburger icons
  • really like the typeface of the wordmark
  • i would make the mood faces look a little more like buttons, same with the wheel, they look lovely and tie in with the brand well but i wouldn’t realise they were clickable
  • very nice use of typography and colour. i think the typeface fits in well with the brand. you have a strong brand, well done
  • i like the colour – you don’t see that colour scheme being used often
  • love the layout of the homepage, easy to find what to go to on the app
  • your visual marque and typeface is good, i like the amount of research and effort you put in for your app. the layout for your screens looks great
  • really love the colour scheme – it’s calming, and the font choices work well with the brand

This class was really helpful in terms of helping me to see what I need to work on for my app to make it better. I can take into account Paul’s comments and the class’ comments to further develop my designs.

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