IXD301 – Week Nine: Usability Testing

In this week’s class, we learned about usability testing, which is essentially watching how people use your project so you can figure out what needs to be changed or improved, as well as what has went well so far.

‘In a usability test, one user at a time is shown something (whether it’s a Web site, a prototype of a site, or some sketches of individual pages) and asked to either (a) figure out what it is, or (b) try to use it to do a typical task.’
We were shown some examples of usability testing sheets, for example:
These could be filled in by users/testers of your product, and then you use the information to make changes to the product to help improve the areas they struggled with or disliked the most. It’s a good method of refinement, and helps you to better understand your user’s needs, which is essential in UX design

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