IXD301 – Elements: Chosen Idea & Wireframes

From my research, I gathered a wide range of ideas for my elements app.

What makes a good educational game?

  • easy to follow and understand
  • child-friendly colours and typefaces
  • simple but fulfilling reward system

I will use this information to begin the formation of my own ideas.


I wrote all my ideas down as paper, as I feel working on paper helps me to feel more grounded when starting a new project, and allows me to jot down all my ideas that come to mind immediately.


Chosen Idea

From my variety of ideas, there was one that stuck out to me the most, as it was something I had wanted to explore in my last year’s projects but never got the chance to – space. I have always loved space, ever since I was a child, so I think this would be very fitting. I want to create a game based around the periodic elements that can be found in space. The idea is that the user will fly around in a spaceship and pick up different elements as they explore the stars. When the user finds a new element, they will be able to pick it up and learn more about it, and this will then be added to their elements bank.


I created a few sets of wireframes that I wanted to use to begin my development of my app, before I went straight into digital.


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