IXD302 – Week Seven: Talk & Proposal Development

Talk with UX Designer

During Daniel’s class this week, we got to have a talk from a UX designed named Ronan. He was very informative as to what it’s like to work in the UX Design world, and how he got to where he is now and his experiences. He talked through the proper skills and qualities he needed to gain to get to where he wanted to be, which I thought was very relevant to what we had been learning about, and gave me an idea on the skills I need to brush up on for applying to placement opportunities. He also allowed time for us to ask him any questions that we might have had. Overall, it was a very relaxed talk, and it felt informal in a good way. I really appreciated his insights, and meeting a UX Designer that started where I am now gives me a lot of hope that I can eventually become successful.

Development of Proposal & Invoice

I continued with the development of my proposal and invoice, as I only had two more weeks to finish these up. I wanted to get as far as I could, and ended up finishing most of what I needed to do. It was very helpful that I had already written out all the content for my proposal, as it made the design development part of my project solely about the looks, and not all about the content.

I wanted to go with a very bare and minimal proposal style, so I chose a monotone colour scheme along with a basic, simple font. I didn’t want anything to distract or influence against the main purpose of the proposal – to create a brand new brand and website. I wanted the proposal to feel fresh – like a blank canvas, to which designers could look at for reference and find inspiration in their own way, instead of being inspired by my style of proposal.

I made up this design using Illustrator.

Then, lastly, I moved onto creating the invoice, which I used the same typography for. I also wanted to maintain the same monochrome colour scheme, as a lot of invoices tend to be printed in black and white. I didn’t want to add any unnecessary colour.

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