IXD302 – Week Six: The Business of Design

In this week’s lesson, Daniel went through the process of creating a design proposal, as this is what we would be doing for our newest project during this module.

The brief for the project is to create a proposal for the design of a website and brand to represent Hill Street in Belfast. For the project, we must consider history and heritage, businesses, tourism, culture and community when determining appropriate features and priorities for the website. We will also have to include timeline and pricing for the job.

What’s included in a proposal?

  1. Title Page
  2. Project Overview (What needs done + experience)
  3. Project Approach (How it’s going to be done)
  4. Scope of Work (Who is involved)
  5. Assumptions (What you need)
  6. Deliverables (What you’ll produce)
  7. Ownerships & Rights (Work for hire / Licensing)
  8. Additional costs / fees (Expenses)
  9. Pricing & Payment Schedule (Your quote)
  10. Acknowledgement & Sign-off (Agreement to start)


In terms of creating a quote for your work, time = money. Designers need to charge for their time, or they will not feel they are getting the pay they deserve. In order to create a quote, you need to take into consideration the minimum wage for workers, and the average pay of workers in that specific area in the past year. Then, to find pay per day or hour, do the following mathematics:

This class has been helpful in providing me with the necessary information for this next project. I can see how creating a project proposal would be beneficial to us right now, as it helps us to understand all the things that employers and clients take into consideration when coming up with a new project.

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