IXD103 – Portfolio Feedback & Updated Design


During Monday’s class, we received feedback on our current portfolio website designs. Daniel was able to provide some ideas for me in terms of moving some stuff around on my website. I was concerned with the fact that the website looked too empty, but he said that it would begin to feel more full once I added pictures of my work.

Daniel also had the idea of changing the header of the website so that it looked more like the app design that I produced a few weeks ago:

Updated Design – Wireframes

I took these tips and drew up a new set of designs on paper, which I would later bring to life on Illustrator. Here are the wireframes from my sketchbook:

Digitising the Design

I took my wireframe sketches and turned it into a digital design on Illustrator. I changed a few little details as I was editing it on Illustrator as I felt it would work better, more in the footer and about areas of the portfolio. I felt that, in the original sketch, the two sections were not clearly separated, especially with the fact that they both had black backgrounds. However, I changed the position of the photo so that it was between the about section and the contact section, which makes the latter feel like a new section.


I have decided to produce my website on GitHub, using my original portfolio site from last semester as a base line of code to work on top of. I felt that this would have sped up a lot of the process, which it did. I spent some time changing aspects of the code, but the overall structure of the website stayed the same, so I didn’t encounter anything too complicated when editing the code.

Here is the link to my live portfolio site on GitHub: https://jessdonnan.github.io/portfolio/

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