IXD103 – Visual Marque

During Monday’s class, another one of our tasks was to choose five words from our personal branding, and sketch out ways to represent them visually. This would help us define a visual marque, which we will be using in our brand.

Here are the sketches I managed to come up with:






My Visual Marque

Using these sketches, I have a set of ideas of which to develop a visual marque. I think I want to go with something from theĀ creativity section, possibly the pencil, as I feel it is a good universal symbol of creativity and innovation, which is something I want to portray in my brand.


I began this process by sketching out a few more ideas based around the original pencil sketch.

Out of all of these sketches, I really like the last one I did. I feel that it fits into my brand well, and suits the rest of the theme, which is all about minimalism and negative space. I like the cut out of the side of the pencil as well, as it adds a bit of a unique flourish, and it also reminds me of my monogram design.

I then developed this design digitally using Illustrator.


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