Month: March 2021

IXD103 – Style Guides

Style guide The physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practices, and principles of a design system and teaches how to use it. Pattern library An organised set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines, and use cases. A Pattern Library ensures a consistent user interface. Big sites are developed…Continue Reading IXD103 – Style Guides

IXD103 – Interface Inventory

During Monday’s class, Daniel tasked us with compiling an inventory of elements of an interface of our choice. A list of items we were asked to include were: Navigation – Primary, footer, interactive component controls, etc. Images – hero banners, logos, illustrations, photographs, thumbnails, backgrounds, animations, Icons – static, interactive, social medias, etc Buttons Headings Advertising Colours For…Continue Reading IXD103 – Interface Inventory

IXD103 – Portfolio Sites

During Monday’s class, we took a look at portfolio sites, and the components that are necessary to make up a portfolio site. We were also given several tasks to complete to begin the development of our portfolio sites. SWOT The SWOT task was used to determine our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in terms of…Continue Reading IXD103 – Portfolio Sites

IXD103 – Visual Marque

During Monday’s class, another one of our tasks was to choose five words from our personal branding, and sketch out ways to represent them visually. This would help us define a visual marque, which we will be using in our brand. Here are the sketches I managed to come up with: Professionalism Creativity Passion Reliability…Continue Reading IXD103 – Visual Marque