IXD103 – Content Audit Exercises

Exercise 1: Create a word bank

For this task, I have decided to select Coca-Cola as a brand to study. We were asked to create a word bank of suitable words and phrases that are typically used to promote and describe the brand.

Below, I have compiled a list of words and short phrases that the brand uses frequently:

  • Taste the feeling
  • Make it real
  • Open happiness
  • Enjoy
  • Official soft drink of Summer
  • Ice-cold
  • Grab a coke
  • Together
  • Share the magic

I began to get a proper feel as to the type of messages Coca-Cola was trying to convey in order to sell their product. Other competing brands such as Fanta used more upbeat and fun slogans and phrases in comparison to Coca-Cola, which was much more sentimental and authentic. Some key words and phrases used by Fanta were ‘fantastic’, ‘great fun’, and ‘less serious’. It also used a variety of puns on the word Fanta, making it unique to the brand itself.

Exercise 2: Create a brand dictionary

I began looking into the brand’s dictionary which is defined by how the brand describes itself to its customers, and the terminology used to do so. It also shows the brand’s relationship with their staff, which can have an impact on the way their customers view their product.

What are the key calls to action in the marketing and advertising?

To sell Coca-Cola to customers, including their large range of products associated within the company, such as Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, Powerade and many more.

Do they say ‘please telephone [number] for an appointment’ or ‘simply call [number] now, we look forward to telling you more’?

On the contact page on their website, it is stated, “we’re here to help!” They go on to describe when their contact team is available. In their Twitter bio, they have a section at the end which reads, “Here for your questions,” then they go on to state the times in which questions can be taken.

How do they describe themselves to their customers?

Coca-Cola describes themselves as an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. “We are a global business that operates on a local scale, in every community.” Altogether, the brand seems incredibly inclusive and community-based, relying on the coming together of people as a base for their product distribution.

What terminology does the brand use, for example, for product ranges, processes and procedures?

For an advert telling the story of the process that goes into creating Coca-Cola, it begins with the phrase, “let’s see how your favourite beverage is made,” automatically stating itself as the customer’s favourite, giving the advert a personal touch. It ends the advert by stating, “your beverage is ready!” once again making the customer feel included in the process.

Exercise 3: Create a tone of voice guide

Finally, I began looking into how the brand has created a tone of voice to maintain a creative and fresh style of writing, and which helps with the brand’s communication with the customer and its employees.

The tone of voice is centred around the brand’s principal values. Three words I would use to describe Coca-Cola’s essence would be: happiness, refreshing and universal. Its reason for being is to bring happiness to its customers, and to provide a cold, refreshing drink to a universal customer base.

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