IXD103 – About Me

During Monday’s class, we were tasked with writing two versions of an About Me bio. The first was to be posted on a separate page on our blog, which I have linked here. It went into a deeper amount of detail than the second bio, which was a short and snappy summary of ourselves, which could be used in terms of business.


Hello! My name is Jessica Donnan. I’m currently a student studying Interaction Design at Ulster University, in Belfast. I am incredibly passionate about design, and I am always looking for new ways to be creative and improve my work. I have an intense love for all forms of art and media, such as design, film, writing and music, all of which have a big influence on my ideas and projects. My creative outlet is what drives me most in life.

During my first year of studying Interaction Design, I have become much more confident in my ability to design and develop websites and applications. I entered into the course with the intention of learning the skills needed to become a UX/UI Designer in the future, and I feel comfortable that I am steadily working my way up that path. I am excited for everything more I have to learn.

About (Short)

Jessica Donnan, IxD Student. Driven by passion and creativity.

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