IXD301 Wk3:- Recreating High Resolution Mock-Up

With all the feedback in mind I then went and began recreating different high resolution mock-ups that could work on my site. This time I decided to start with the basics, start from the base and design a basic functional website and then add all of the designs and colours and everything else later on.

I started by taking inspiration from other sites that other brands/companies had created.

Similarly to my original mock-up design I wanted to keep the homepage simple. I started by taking inspiration from other sites to see what they had done.







I was still drawn to the idea of having my name or brand at the centre of my landing page so that it is the first thing see. Navigation bar at the top right and H1 name header in the middle, is what I wanted my page to have

I then recreated my home page:





I also created home page variations where I started to to add different colours and designs:





Overall I decided that it would be my first homepage design that I would proceed with.

I then went onto create my about page adding what I the new simplistic style that I created.




For when I was creating my my portfolio. I already had the content but I then started considering the structure of my content and where everything will be displayed. So decided to have a look at how some of the portfolio sites I liked structured their case studies.

Some went with the classic paragraph then image Format



While others arranged their text an a functional and pleasing way for the user



Others went with a more image based approach



Each site was different and did their case studies amazingly but I found that in my case it would be best to use the paragraph then text format so that everything can be clearly displayed.


I then began creating my new portfolio case study page mock up




Afterwards, I was done. I now had my new High Resolution Mock-up for my site and I was ready to start the process of building it

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