IXD301 Wk6:- Promotional Strategy

This weeks lecture is all about promotional strategy.

It all starts with a story everything that I make and create is telling a story and are all connected

I want people to associate my work, website, social media etc with me and my story.

It should all relate back to me. Its also a good idea to make connections with people. Through the use of social media I am now able to connect with designers and employers all around the world. The use of the internet and social media now means that there are so many options and I can now position myself for many different things for example just because I do interaction design does not mean I can’t do graphic design, or illustration and that’s down to social media.

It is very important to network, networking can lead to great things providing opportunities and learning experiences that I might not have even thought of. There are some events that take place like XOXO or design week and its a great way to get yourself out there and start meeting people.


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