IXD301 Wk6:- Finishing Portfolio Site

This week I received further feedback on my portfolio website so far and continued the process of updating and adding to it to finish it.

Creating About Page

I already have my homepage done (with portfolio section included) and all my case studies pages completed completed.

The final page to create was my about page. Since I had previously written all of my content for my website, it meant that I was in a pretty good situation when creating my about page. All that I had to do was write out all of the content that I had created.

In my high resolution mock-up I had added that I would include a digital version of a image of myself, and even started creating different digital portraits of myself for practice and to see what style and image I would like for my site:







During the development of my about page I decided that I would instead add a photo of myself as while listening to other designers advice it was recommended that the use of a photo would be be better as it gives potential employers a chance to see who I am.

I still wanted the photo to have some elements of design and to show some personality, so I decided to do a little bit of research for inspiration.

These were the photos that I felt stood out. They showed creativity and did something different. This is what I wanted my own photo to elude to even if it did that in a more subtle way.


I choose a photo that I took during my 19th birthday as it had a kind of double effect on it which I liked. I decided to change the image colour to black and white so that any excess colour that is added on later would stand out.  I then transferred the image over to procreate and started experimenting by adding different colours and shapes







Then I decided that I would try using a similar technique that I used while creating my websites water colour gradient background, I added circles of colour. I ended up really liking the design and chose that this would be my about page image

This is what I ended up with:-







I am quite happy with the final result as even though it may not be closely similar to the example pictures that I have shown above there is still a sense of connectivity between my artwork and the abstract photos above.

With my content written and my image placed all I then had to do was add the footer and the navigation bar and everything in regards to my about page was complete.


Creating Case Studies Link

Some feedback was given that at the bottom of my case studies there should be an option that allowed viewers to see my other work in relation to my case studies so that they do not have to return to the home page.

So to do this, at the bottom of the page of each case study I added a “See Some More Of My Work” section then arrows on both the left and the right of the sentence in order to help direct users.

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