IXD301 Wk6:- Social Promotion

This week a task was given to create a series of Instagram stories to promote our websites.

This task helped show how its important to think about how you market yourself to your audience. It was a chance for me to practice creating content in order to put my work into the world and increases the chance of meeting people and networking

I do already have an Instagram design page that I have started. I haven’t promoted it much but I plan to promote it more moving forward.

I tried to make the stories eye catching and noticeable, something so that people will be intrigued and want to see more of it. I kept a constant theme that can be seen throughout and helps tie everything together.

My content can be seen without too much being given away and I tried to always include a link that will prompt them to see more of my site. I also ensured that I underlined all the links so that it showcases that it is an active link.

















Some of my designs showcased different content that I had done while others were more visual and used eye catching work but both still have the same purpose to draw people in.



Example of stories on device




This task was really helpful and let me practice my self promotional skills and connect with my audience while showing what I am capable of through my work.

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