IXD302 Wk5:- Updating CV and Cover Letter

I started apply the feedback that I received to my CV and cover letter

I started by researching how others had structured and laid out their CV’s for inspiration







I really liked the clean look that all of the CV’s had in common, all of the information was laid out clearly and easy to see while also keeping the design interesting. This is what I wanted my CV and Cover Letter to be like.

I then went into InDesign and began the process of designing my new CV design

I decided that I would use a blue for my accent colour within my CV. I also chose to use Raleway as my typeface as it was a nice and simple typeface that was easy to read. Although I did also love how the f and l within my name connected

I added my monogram to my design as it was a part of my brand and something that represented me so I thought that it would be fitting to have it within my CV. I placed my monogram above my name within the middle of the top of the page. I also made my surname thicker compared to mu first name as I felt that it added something different.

I then wrote out all of my information and began arranging them where I felt they should go.

Once I had all of the information arranged I thought that the design felt a bit plain so I added a horizontal line between each section in order to help break them up and add a design. I also made all of the headings a grey colourĀ  instead of the blue used so that it would draw peoples attention

I also took away the describing sentences that I used within the skills & qualities section as they were unnecessary and added two references


For my cover letter I used a similar design to the one that I had used for my CV with the monogram, blue horizontal line, grey headings etc.

New CV:


New Cover Letter:

Cover Letter




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