IXD301 Wk5:- Creating Other Case Study Pages

This week I also started creating the pages for all of my other case studies.

First thing to do was to decide which case studies I was going to include. This was fairly easily as the work that I had do for my travel app, infographic and branding project were some of my favourite. So I knew that I wanted them to be the case studies that I do.


Creating Case Studies Header Images

The next thing to do would be to create the specialised header similar to the one that was already on my infographic page



I already had an idea of what I would do for them such as the pyramids for the travel app header and my monogram for my branding header.

I started with the travel app header. I initially used the pyramid design that I used for part of my travel app. I then arranged the pyramids in a clear line and added the outline of the Eiffel tower in the middle with the pyramid design of either side of it.

After finishing the design I placed it on my webpage and was not a big fan of how it looked. I felt the design almost looked out of place and unprofessional so I went back into illustrator to think of a new design.

I remembered how during the process of designing my travel app how I created cityscapes and thought that that was something that I could do again for my header.

So I created a cityscape with pyramids and the Eiffel tower similar to my original design. Once it was created I put the new header image on the top and instantly liked the design and look of it so much better.

Next was to create the header image for my branding page. This was a lot simpler as it only involved me changing my monogram colour to my brand colour and placing it with interchanging vertical directions. This gave a nice simple design that I felt worked really well with my site page and helped tie everything together nicely.


Creating Additional Case Study PagesĀ 

While creating my additional case study pages I decided to add a lot of more detail into it as I felt that it was something that could help in search of a placement as because of all of the placement talks that was had I had discovered how brands and companies really like to see the process.

I started by writing out all of the content first, I then added the relevant images that I felt would go with what was being said. Some of these images had to be created using the app Artboard- its an app that allows you to create free mock-ups online. This meant that I could have my images looking more professional which is something that I wanted.

I followed the format of paragraph, image, paragraph, image all the way through to the end.

I also used the feedback that I gained from my previous case study page and reduced the width of the paragraphs that I had as it was suggested that viewers would rather read something that looks like this:




rather than this:





With this all done I had finished creating the case studies for site and was happy with the outcome and how it turned out. I could see my site coming together and bringing my vision to life.

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